Price increase of “Siling labuyo” noted in some public markets in Manila

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THE prices of wild chili (“siling labuyo”) rose further in some public markets in the City of Manila.

In fact, the price of chili in Obrero Public Market, more popularly known as Blumentritt Market, already reached P600 per kilo.

This is higher by P200 compared to the prices monitored by the Department of Agriculture.

This means this is higher by P350 compared to last week where the price of chili was pegged at P250 per kilo.

Market vendor Jennifer Gagarin said supply of chili is weak and suppliers charge much higher today, and also due to the high prices of petroleum products. That is why no matter how hard they try, vendors cannot lower the price of chilies anymore.

Because of this, chilies are easier to sell in small piles that only cost P10 per pile.

Kaya kahit piliting babaan ang presyo ng sili ay hindi na raw kakayanin ng mga nagtitinda

Meanwhile, the prices of meat products in Obrero Market are a bit lower compared to other markets in the city.

One of which is “kasim” or the thicker portion of a pig’s shoulder, which sells at P335 per kilo, while chicken is sold at P210 per kilo.

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