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THE Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Department of Health (DOH) on Sunday signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) where medical personnel of the police and the military will be sent to help hospitals that are struggling with the influx of COVID-19 patients.

The agreement was signed amid the call of President Rodrigo Duterte to concretize collaborative efforts and for the immediate implementation of the said program.

A send-off ceremony was led by PNP Chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar on October 10, 2021 at Camp Crame, Quezon City where some 10 PNP Health Service nurses were turned over to the DOH to help hospitals attend to the needs of COVID-19-stricken patients.

“The existing manpower of hospitals is not enough to cater to the health care needs of severe and critical COVID positive patients hence we are thankful for the additional support and manpower from the PNP who will be assigned in COVID-19 wards,” DOH-NCR Director Gloria Balboa said.

We also like to extend our gratitude for your steadfastness in doing your job in the fight against COVID-19 since its start in 2020, to provide border control, rain or shine, and minimize the spread of the virus and also in managing our isolation facilities and vaccination centers to ensure safety and security of our health workers and patients, and lastly, this provision of additional manpower to our public and private hospitals like the Cardinal Santos Medical Center. This is a concrete proof of our cooperation as one country, by working together to recover as one,” DOH-NCR Director Balboa added.

PGen Eleazar, for his part, said that the PNP is more than prepared to support government programs for the promotion of health and for the benefit of the Filipino people.

PGen Eleazar also lauded the PNP Medical Force for the self-sacrifice and dedicated effort they offer in the name of health and public service.

This pandemic has taken a toll to our beloved organization as many of our police frontliners have been infected and lost their lives due to this pandemic, yet we stood our ground without hesitation in selflessly serving our community and we shall continue to do so,” PGen Eleazar said.

To our 10 Health Service nurses who will be initially assigned at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center and to all our PNP medical force, we commend all of your hard work, professionalism, dedication, and commitment during this challenging time. Undeniably, no cause is more worthy than the cause of saving human lives. As law enforcers, we shall continuously to serve as beacons of hope and vanguards of humanitarian action in the interest of national security, public safety, and public health,” PGen Eleazar added.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the PNP also organized the christening of the baby who was born inside the Kiangan facility in Camp Crame, Quezon City on September 16, 2021.

It can be recalled that the baby’s mother, a Patrolwoman assigned at the Manila Police District Station 9 (MPD-9) who was then infected of COVID-19 and was confined in the said facility was safely assisted by two other COVID-infected patients admitted in the same facility, a PNP physician and a non-uniformed personnel, as she gave birth to her son.

PGen Eleazar and his wife, Mrs. Rosalie Eleazar, as well as members of the PNP Command Group, among others, stood as godparents of the healthy baby boy.

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