#PinoyPride: Filipino SEO Experts Take on the Spotlight at WOSCON 2023

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In the world of digital marketing, SEO is not a mere three basic letters that you use to search, but for the growing number of digitally-savvy Filipinos, SEO could be the next step for many of us to showcase our talent to the world.

This year, the Philippines will be hosting the first-ever and the biggest SEO experts gathering in the world, The World of Search Conference 2023 (WOSCon’23). Happening this September 23-24, 2023 at the Winford Manila Resort in Manila City, this insightful event will present 24 of the world’s biggest names in search engine optimization including 6 Filipinos who have been expanding opportunities and learnings to many Filipinos. 

Meet the Filipino Masters

Leading the pack is digital marketing advocate and founder of The SEO Movement, Mr. Kherk Roldan. Hailing from Surigao City in southern Philippines, Kherk is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, husband, father, and content creator. Driven by his dream of creating more freelancing opportunities for the people of his local community, Kherk started his first agency in 2014 under the banner, Kherk Roldan SEO Advanced Digital Solutions.

Currently, he leads experts in e-commerce and entrepreneurship through Outsource Sharks, which he founded, and continues to coach various individuals to train and equip them with the skills required to provide their clients with the results they want.

Catch him at WOSCON ’23 as he shares his insights on “Why Outsource SEO in the Philippines”.

Taking women empowerment to another level, Angeline Licerio’s interest in SEO and digital platforms has put her on the map of the most outstanding SEO expert in the world as she continues to teach Filipinos how to offer SEO exclusively as a service, whether as a freelancer or agency owner. Backed by years of experience, Angeline founded her own company, All White Hat SEO, which handles SEO campaigns for small businesses and enterprises including Adobe, Perfect Locks, and UK-based education site Wikijob.

This coming WOSCON ’23, Angeline is set to bestow her expertise through “How to Productize Your SEO Services for Better Positioning” which will surely inspire more Filipinos to pursue their learnings on SEO.

Probably the most rewarding way to know the success of your online campaigns is through organic reach, and for Jason Acidre, this is what drove him in putting up his digital agency. Co-Founder of Avaris IO, Jason specializes in Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Digital PR. With years of spearheading SEO campaigns for some of the internet’s most competitive spaces, Jason was able to establish his brand gaining traction both online and offline. Best known in the industry for his blog – Kaiserthesage, Jason is also the publisher of Grit PH, one of the fastest-growing online publications in the personal finance and business space in the Philippines. Catch him at WOSCON ’23 as he shares his expertise through “Advanced Link Building in 2023“.

When it comes to years of experience, 15 years is no joke. For Glen Dimaandal, these years have brought him to where he is right now and his status in the digital industry. Founder of SearchWorks.Ph, one of the most respected SEO agencies in the Philippines, Glen has worked on Fortune 500 websites, leading Philippine conglomerates as well as unicorn startups.

Glen has traveled the world sharing this expertise and his outlook on the current trends and status of online platforms. A speaker in national and international SEO conferences including SMX West and Confluence in the United States, Glen is set to indulge everyone with his straight-the-point approach to digital marketing through “5 Ecommerce SEO Tips to Give Your Online Store an Edge”.

Meanwhile, with over a decade of mixed experience in digital marketing, SEO specialist and founder of Tap White Label Marketing, Fervil Von Tripoli, marked his spot by creating and managing winning SEO campaigns for scaling marketing agencies in the country.

A leader in nature, Fervil will share some insightful ideas on how an SEO can be your ladder to the top through “SEO to CEO: From Freelancing to Growing Your Own SEO Agency”

Last but not least, a Filipino by heart, William Jones, co-founder of The SEO Movement is set to ignite the passion and desire of business owners through his talk “Mindset of Success”.

A self-taught business owner, William will exhibit some of his learnings as the talking head of the SEO Industry or the armchair SEO Magicians. With years of experience, William takes pride in the strategies and techniques that he made and is currently using in his company William Jones Marketing.

So, if you are up for some SEO magic, you better not miss it as William shares insights to rank your business with Google.

The WOSCON ‘23 is set to be a premier business event of the year with an incredible lineup of local and international SEO experts. Guests who wish to participate can attend in person or through virtual channels. To register for this event or to get more information about The World of Search, you may visit https://theseomovement.com/. You may also follow The SEO Movement through FacebookYoutubeInstagram, and TikTok for more updates.

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