Obra: Sinclair Highlights Filipino Artistry

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IN THE PHOTO: Sinclair Ribbon Cutting (L-R) Sinclair Makaw Obra Artists – Flores Garcia, RJ Tejada, Alfon Casabuena, Magna Prime Chemical Technologies Inc. CEO – Derrick Tan, Sinclair Makaw Obra Artists – Erwin Griño, Jan Erwin Jabolin, Tom Alvarado

Filipinos are born artists. In recent years, international art communities were surprised when the long-lost masterpiece of the Philippines’ National Artists Juan Luna emerged from nowhere and took the spotlight at the Ayala Museum. Revered by art collectors as the holy grail of Filipino art, “Hymen, oh Hyménée!” or “Roman Wedding,” is one of the most legendary artworks by a Filipino that has captured the attention of the world since it was last seen in public, 132 years ago.

Through this event, many Filipino artists have once again emerged and got inspired to pursue their craft and share their talents with the world. Sinclair, as of the most trusted paint brand in the world, is here to support Filipino artistry through its innovative products that aims to provide beauty that lasts.

Introducing Sinclair Makaw Obra Artists(L-R) Flores Garcia, RJ Tejada, Alfon Casabuena, Erwin Griño, Jan Erwin Jabolin, Tom Alvarado

Meet the Sinclair Makaw Obra Artists

Dubbed “Sinclair Makaw Obra”, Sinclair is set to highlight Filipino artistry and ingenuity through a collaboration that will showcase their amazing talents and Sinclair’s new generation paint that is set to trailblaze decorative plaster, stucco, and paints worldwide.

Through their unique talents and inspiring masterpieces, Sinclair has invited nine local artists from different parts of the Philippines to part on their journey of promoting Filipino talent through the use of Sinclair’s new offerings to the local market.

Maestro Tom Alvarado

An acclaimed singing painter, Maestro Tom Alvarado was one of the nominees for the 2018 Presidential Pamana ng Lahi Award, which mirrors his prominence among the local Filipino community and beyond. His artworks are mostly inspired by his family’s heritage highlighted by his brushwork weaves that captivate tales through murals, portraits, surreal art, and abstracts. Maestro Tom’s active community involvement has inspired young and budding artists from different walks of life advocating greater Filipino support that uplifts not only the individual but also the entire nation.

John Melvin Garcia

Known for his nature-inspired art pieces, Melvin’s paintings pay homage to the natural beauty of our environment. Immortalizing the beauty that we most revere, Melvin uses his platform to raise awareness on how to take care of our “Tahanan”. Through the use of acrylic on canvas, Melvin gives life to nature’s beauty through the use of brilliant colors, which are made more captivating through the fluidity of his strokes that imitate the movement of the water and vines, spontaneously and unconstrained.

Gary Montenegro

After successfully joining group exhibits and one solo show under his belt, Gary was able to his forte depicting the challenges and ways of life through a combination of color, texture, and symbolism. Aside from owning and managing Chapter IX Bookstore, which he established in 2011, this self-taught artist started creating works of art seven years ago initially as a digital artist, he also dabbles in poetry and incorporates them into paintings.

Jan Erwin Jabolin

Jan is currently the president of Kulay ng Pitong Lawa, an art group based in San Pablo, Laguna. His spare time is mostly spent with creative kids, wherein he teaches them art to develop their craft at a very young age. An artist whose medium is inclined towards acrylic paint, Jan creates beautiful works of art through the inspiration he gets from the life around him.

Alfon Buenacasa

Alfon demonstrates a deeper connection with his art as he believes that his art crafts new worlds, orchestrates emotions, extracts stories from the soul, and is a catalyst for change. This artist in the field of architecture who dove into the world of visual arts, showcases the infinity of art through a borderless channel between the artist’s heart and mind and that of their audience. 

Flores “Fleur” Ednave Mistica

Growing up in the picturesque countryside of Candelaria, Zambales, Fleur showcases her talent through stunning landscapes and scenery that ignite childhood imagination. A former member of P.U.P.’s Panday Pira (PANDAYAN NG PILIPINONG KULTURA), which honed her talents and fueled her love for arts, Fleur is now a free-lance artist, a volunteer for an environmentalist people’s organization and also a member of the board for OBRA ZAMBALEÑO, which is an organization of local artists from Candelaria, Zambales. 

Reyshane James “RJ” D. Tejada

Like Fleur, RJ also hails from Candelaria, Zambales, and began his artistic journey at a very young age. He co-founded OBRA Zambaleño, which hones young, less privileged artists through exhibitions and sales of their work. His artworks have evolved from sketching to experimenting with watercolors and other mediums, which helped him get a degree in Architecture and eventually land a job at JT Mañosa & Associates, where he found his love for painting has further evolved.

RJ was also mentored by Maestro Tom Alvarado, which drove him to join an international art exhibit.

Erwin B Griño

Erwin, a talented mural artist from Silang, Cavite, tells stories of poverty, hope, and the human spirit on walls through his paintbrush giving his audience a captivating experience of life. Erwin dreams of turning his town into a vibrant canvas of Filipino art, celebrating the nation’s rich traditions and resilience in the face of adversity. His humble journey showcases the transformative power of art to uplift and inspire positive change.

The Sinclair Makaw Obra is just the beginning of many aspiring and inspirational advocacies of the brand to promote Filipino artistry and ingenuity across the planet. These artists’ through their initiatives are set to create a ripple effect in various artists’ communities in the Philippines that in turn would bring pride and joy to the country and its people.

Art enthusiasts who wish to see some of these artists’ artwork can still catch them until today at the Philconstruct Manila, at SMX Convention Center Manila and the World Trade Center Manila.

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