Blockout Expert Solutions for Wet Areas unveiled by Buildrite during Philconstruct

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Leading construction chemicals provider Buildrite has unveiled Blockout Expert Solutions for Wet Areas during the PhilConstruct Expo, SMX Convention Center, Pasay City which opened last November 9.

In this 3-day event, Buildrite, launched its new waterproofing line introducing the BLOCKOUT Expert Solutions for Wet Areas, the highlight of the product line is the Geo-Textile Waterproofing Membrane, designed to provide exceptional surface waterproofing for interior and exterior surfaces. This versatile solution is perfect for bathrooms, roof decks, elevated swimming pools, difficult substrates, and old tiled surfaces.

Buildrite offers Blockout 40 membrane, strip, corner in and out, and downspout. There’s also the Blockout Drainage Sheet for roof gardens, and three polyurethane waterproofing products suitable for high traffic areas. The Blockout Bitum 2k is recommended for below-ground external waterproofing, which is coupled with the Blockout DB (Dimple Board). These are ideal for external basement wall waterproofing. To cater to external swimming pools, Buildrite presents Blockout Pool, a durable coating system with excellent UV stability. Blockout Clear was also released as a solution to waterproofing roof decks with existing tiles. It’s a clear waterproof coating that can be applied on top of leaky roof decks with tiles, eliminating the need for retiling and repair work when the waterproofing fails on a tiled roof deck.

“We are thrilled to launch the BLOCKOUT: Expert Solutions for Wet Areas, and Blockout Pro Series,” Derrick Tan, Inventor and CEO of Magna Prine Chemical Technologies Inc. “This will be the trailblazers in our industry for the next three to five years. But we’re still going to innovate and educate people until we become at par with international construction chemical companies.”

You can still visit booths #116, 117, and 118 at the Philconstruct SMX Covention Center and discover more about these new products today.

With all the good news and new innovative products presented, better homes for every Filipino will be built in the country in now and in the future.

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