JTF COVID Shield creates Facebook page for reporting of quarantine violations

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The Joint Task Force COVID Shield has created a Facebook account where the netizens could directly report blatant violations of the quarantine protocols that they would monitor in the social media.

Police Lieutenant General Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, Commander of the JTF COVID Shield, said the move is part of the effort to empower the people not only to help the government in the enforcement of the quarantine rules but also in protecting themselves and their community from hardheaded people who defy the protocols on observation of minimum health safety standard.

“We in the JTF COVID Shield believe that most of our netizens have already come across with total disregard of having quarantine violations in their accounts through the uploaded photos and videos of their Facebook friends. And we share disappointment and anger against those people because it is really unfair that most of our kababayan are strictly abiding by the rules while there are people who even dare to flaunt their defiance by posting them in the social media,” said Eleazar.

“Through the Facebook account of the Joint Task Force COVID Shield, they will be given a platform to immediately report to us any blatant violation of quarantine rules such as engaging in drinking sessions, large parties and celebration and even illegal gambling in public places. All they need to do is to send us the photos and videos and we will take care of the rest,” he added.

Eleazar said the official Facebook account of the JTF COVID Shield (https://www.facebook.com/jtf.cvshield) under the account name COVID Shield, is an additional avenue for the public to report all quarantine violation they would monitor in the social media, aside from the existing Facebook accounts of local police stations and other police units.

He said those who want to report quarantine violations in the social media could either tag the JTF COVID Shield or send the photos and videos through Messenger. The photos and videos that would be sent will be used as basis in the verification of the police in coordination with the Local Government Units (LGUs) concerned, particularly the barangay officials.

Eleazar assured the public that the identity and other information of those who would report quarantine violations in the social media will be protected.

He also assured that no violation of privacy will be made since the JTF COVID Shield and the PNP support and respect the Data Privacy Act.

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