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FORMER Senator Jinggoy Estrada is seriously considering the idea of reaching out with his half-brother and former Senator JV Ejercito to discuss the possibility of fielding just one family member for a shot to regain a Senate seat in time for next year’s general elections.

Interviewed over the national television, Jinggoy who is facing a string of pork barrel cases before the Sandiganbayan, has openly admitted wanting another crack for a Senate post, citing surveys that show that he still has what it takes to make it to the Magic 12.

However, the eldest son of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada, admits that his chances to regain a Senate seat would largely depend on his brother JV, even as he admitted that his failed bid to win for a seat in the upper chamber may have something to do with two Estradas running for Senator at the same time.

“There is a strong possibility that I might run for the Senate again…I’m inclined to run. Mabuti na ‘yung iisa lang ang Estrada ang tumakbo kasi minsan nalilito ang ating mga botante kung sino sa aming dalawa. Siguro it’s high time that we get to talk to each other,” Jinggoy averred.

Estrada said they haven’t talked yet, but he has reached out to Ejercito. He said his brother’s candidacy would be a “big factor” for his decision to run.

In the event that JV opts to give way, Jinggoy hinted at the possibility of their family asking his brother to run for San Juan mayor instead. In that case, JV would be colliding with incumbent San Juan Mayor Francis Zamora.

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