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Have you ever experienced failing to sustain your cash flow in-between payrolls?

That happens a lot to many people, and the worst is thinking about it happening in this trying times.

But Robinsons Bank has got our backs. Once again, the bank proves that they are true to their vision of fulfilling the changing needs of their customers.  

The bank launched its new product, “InstaBale,” where eligible employees are allowed to make a cash advance on their upcoming salary credits.

No need to worry anymore about long lines and filling up forms because employees can skip filling them up. All they have to do is apply for an InstaBale through the RBank digital app. No enrollment needed; and funds can be received in a matter of a few minutes.  

What’s more, InstaBale also offers unlimited and multiple availments within the cash advance limit.

Instabale offers a maximum cash advance limit of up to P200,000, depending on the approved limit per qualified employee.

The cash availed is automatically charged on the upcoming payroll, thus no need to worry anymore about missing the due date.  Easy and convenient!

InstaBale is the perfect solution that will allow employees to have the financial flexibility they need as it provides a quick, safe, and reliable access to funds whenever they need it.  

InstaBale is only available to qualified employees with payroll account with Robinsons Bank Corporation.

Download the RBank Digital app now!

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