Increased toll fees in CavitEx starts today

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A NEW day, a new burden hits motorists, especially those who regularly passes through the Manila-Cavite Toll Expressway or CavitEx.

It is because management will implement an increase in toll fees in CavitEx starting today, May 12, 2022.

Based on the new toll matrix of CavitEx, P33 will be charged for Class 1 vehicles from the previous P25, while Class 2 vehicles need to shell out P67 from the former P50, and finally P100 for Class 3 vehicles from the previous rate of P75.

CavitEx management explained that the Toll Regulatory Board already approved their 2011 and 2014 Contractual Tariff Adjustment Toll petitions.

But despite the increase, management said they will implement a Rebate Programs for operators and drivers of Public Utility Vehicles to be able to help lessen the burden brought about by the adjusted toll fees.

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