Illegal drugs, bulk of assorted improvised weapons, found inside QC Jail

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AN intelligence-driven Greyhound Operation was launched at Quezon City Jail Male Dormitory (QCJMD) on Monday, May 16, 2022, two (2) days after the occurrence of the “staged”  jail riot which took place last May 13, 2022.

As per intelligence information, the riot was purposely carried-out in order to force the removal of the incumbent jail warden so that the illegal drug trade can freely proliferate in the jail.

The strict searching procedure of “Paabot” and the presence of the k9 Narcotics Detection Dog (NCDD) from the Quezon City Police District at the gate searching area were among the anti-illegal drug measures that are currently being implemented in the facility.

The Greyhound Operation targeted the previously occupied jail cells of the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) who were perpetrators of the staged riot.

The operation required the smashing of solid walls and floors and excavation works in order to unearth the hidden contrabands cemented on concrete pavements.

The successful Greyhound Operation resulted into the unearthing of 1 Caliber .38 revolver loaded with 6 live ammunition,  23 pcs cal. 38 ammunition, 1 pc cal .45 ammunition,  700 grams of kush/marijuana bricks, 24 pcs of marijuana sachets, 12 pcs candle used for sealing the marijuana sachets, 3 packs plastic used for marijuana packaging,  improvised plastic sachet sealer,  99 pcs tobacco,  84 pcs improvised knife/bladed weapons,  30 pcs  ice picks , 46 pcs Indian arrows made out of  concrete nails, 9 pcs slingshots, 104 pcs concrete nails, 5 pcs cellphones, 6 pcs charger adaptor, 5 pcs charger cord,  1 smartwatch, 1 pc Bluetooth speaker, 3 pcs headset 2 scissors, 1 lighter ad 23 pcs of nuisance contrabands such as pliers, screw drivers, pcs of wood.

By far, the result of the Greyhound Operation has yielded the biggest number of deadly weapons and stash of illegal drugs found in Quezon City Jail Male Dormitory.

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