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Many of us do recognize that this is an exciting time as far as new modes of living and working are concerned. Recent opportunities and innovations are able to bring work and home closer together, and fresh infrastructure is making travel faster and easier. 

So take advantage of new opportunities in terms of living and working in less congested environs. You need not give up the conveniences offered by city centers like those in Metro Manila because new corridors of economic and commercial activity are now being developed in up-and-coming areas. You can enjoy a new home life in a less congested environment while keeping your job within a bustling metropolis.  

If you are among those who are thinking of exploring new ways of living — like building a home in an emerging city — here are a few tips for you.

1. Look for a place outside the main city but is accessible from it so that if you need to go to the city center, you would be able to do so in an hour or even less. 

2. Make sure that your place is located in an elevated area to enjoy fresher and cleaner air. It’s also ideal to secure a space in non-congested areas where you can easily access malls or commercial establishments, wet markets, schools, and hospitals.

3. Make sure that your area’s internet connection and power supply are stable. 

4. It’s better to secure a space within a Certified Green Development because you deserve a healthier and safer environment, and lower maintenance costs. Green also means higher real estate value appreciation.

5. Familiarize yourself with new ways of travelling. There are quite a number of new infrastructure projects around the country. These are, of course, meant to improve mobility and give motorists and travellers a faster and more convenient way to go around. Destinations are now more accessible and things are bound to get better in the future.


Last April 17, I was invited to speak at the 15th Philippine Summit on European Studies, an annual event organized by the UP Euro-Filipino Understanding & Relations Organization (UP EURO). This year’s summit theme was “The Mask We Share: Advancing the Individual’s Role in the Collective Climate Action in the Time of the Pandemic”, a topic that aligned with UP EURO’s goal of identifying and communicating the youth’s role in addressing climate change during this pandemic. I wish to thank the organizers for the opportunity to share some information with the audience.

I had the opportunity to talk about Italpinas Development Corporation’s (IDC) green developments around the country, as well as the concepts and principles behind the architectural design processes that we have and the principles behind the passive green strategies that IDC is known for. To align with the event’s theme, I also shared doable tips on how we can all directly contribute to global climate action. Simple things like turning off the lights and faucets when not in use, using natural light whenever possible, and taking advantage of natural cross ventilation can make a difference for our environment and for our wallets. If more people will commit to earth-friendly lifestyle changes and will exert greater effort towards consistency or regularity, then we have a bigger chance of reaching our collective goals for the environment.

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