GoTyme Bank CEO Nathaniel Clarke listens, is clearly in touch with its clientele

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GOTYME Bank, a bank that knows it’s Tyme to Go the extra mile, recently gathered members of its Facebook community to personally field suggestions on what features they’d like to see on the GoTyme Bank app as wise and helpful additions to maximize their personal accounts.

A joint venture of Tyme, a multi-country digital banking group, with members of the Gokongwei Group of companies, namely Robinsons Bank, Robinsons Land Corporation, and Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc., GoTyme Bank, which is marking its most recent milestone of reaching 500,000 GoTyme accounts, recently popped a question in its Facebook community, a question raised by none other than Nathaniel Clarke himself, GoTyme Bank’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Nate, as he’s fondly called by the GoTyme Bank team, recently posted on the GoTyme Bank community—a growing Facebook group of more than 13,000 clients—where he candidly shared his scheduled leadership meeting with the GoTyme Team and expressed his enthusiasm to hear everyone’s suggestions on features they’d like to be prioritized. The post was well-received on the group, with over 700 likes and 300 comments within the span of 24 hours and continues to be an active forum where participants get direct responses from Nate himself.

It’s not at all a common practice for a financial service organization in the country to be so in touch with its clientele—so much so that it becomes willing to hear their customers’ needs even before thinking of launching them. “That’s exactly what the market is looking for,” Nate says.

As the guardians of our clients’ well-earned savings, banking institutions and financial apps simply cannot afford to disappoint the people that entrust their money to them. And what better way for GoTyme Bank to make sure that we’re in step with what our customers need than to ask them directly what their needs are, and how we can make the GoTyme app even better,” adds Nate.

That said, Nate promises that the roll out of GoTyme app’s Bills Payment feature and QR payment feature is something that clients won’t have to wait long for. “Now more than ever, people scan QR codes for everything, and they pay their bills and purchases from just about anywhere,” Nate explains. “At this crucial time where people are in the search for an efficient and trustworthy Bills Payment and QR payment app that will not fail them, GoTyme Bank is poised to be launching these very crucial features sooner rather than later.”

Customers can check out the Facebook post here and suggest which GoTyme Bank features they’d want to enjoy and experience next:

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