Generika, Grab unite to enhance healthcare access for drivers & riders

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In the hustle and bustle of navigating through bustling streets and contending with unpredictable weather conditions, Grab Food delivery-partner Esma Ali and MOVE IT rider-partner Gerald Aldaya exemplify the resilience of tens of thousands of driver-, rider-, and delivery-partners dedicated to providing excellent service to Filipino consumers. Recognizing the pivotal role health plays in sustaining their livelihoods, these modern-day heroes, as the breadwinners of their households, are steadfast in maintaining healthy lifestyles.

A transformative alliance has emerged between Grab, its moto-taxi partner MOVE IT, and Generika Drugstore, a proud member of the Ayala Healthcare (AC Health) Group. This collaboration seeks to elevate the well-being of drivers and riders, offering them access to quality, affordable medicines through an expanded incentive scheme. The partnership, initiated in 2019, symbolizes Grab’s acknowledgment and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of its community, while also empowering them to prioritize their health.

“Maraming salamat sa Generika Drugstore at MOVE IT para sa MEDPadala. Napakalaking tulong nito para sa pamilya namin. Buwan-buwan nakakatanggap kami ng incentive na nagagamit ko pambili ng vitamins para sa mga anak ko at gamot ng asawa ko. (Thank you to Generika Drugstore and MOVE IT for MEDPadala. It is a great help for our family. Every month we receive an incentive that I can use to buy vitamins for my children and medicine for my husband),” according to Aldaya.

Central to this groundbreaking collaboration is MEDPadala, an electronic gift certificate that serves as a gateway for drivers and riders to obtain medicines at any Generika Drugstore outlet nationwide. As part of their Grab incentives, Ali, Aldaya, and their peers now have the means to purchase essential medicines and vitamins for themselves and their families without incurring out-of-pocket expenses.

“We are laser-focused in creating pathways for our partner communities through which they secure the life that they aspire to attain for themselves and their families. In line with this, we actively seek out partner organizations who share our unwavering dedication to enabling our kababayans to lead healthy, sustainable, and viable lifestyles. We are glad to collaborate with Generika Drugstore in making healthcare more accessible to the Grab community. In fact, we see first-hand the positive impact of MEDPadala, which has easily become one of the most appreciated incentives of our partners,” said CJ Lacsican, Head of Operations at Grab Philippines.

Looking towards the future, Grab, MOVE IT, and Generika Drugstore are unwavering in their commitment to expanding this initiative. Their collective goal is to empower the driver and rider community further, encouraging them to prioritize their health and well-being. In doing so, the partnership not only serves as a testament to the companies’ dedication to their workforce but also as a beacon of support for the unsung heroes navigating the bustling streets of the Philippines.

“Empowering the Grab and MOVE IT communities with accessible healthcare is truly gratifying for us at Generika Drugstore. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of a meaningful partnership of taking care of our Grab drivers and MOVE IT riders whose services are vital in our communities. Through MEDPadala, we can at least give them the peace of mind that as they go on the road, braving the elements, they can drop by any of our stores and buy the medicines they need to keep healthy or should any member of their family members get sick,” shared Atty. Yet Abarca, Generika Drugstore President & CEO.

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