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FWD Philippines launches a variable unit-linked (VUL) product that can act on one’s financial safety net by combining both insurance and investment that can give account holders protection while growing their money over time. Called FWD Manifest, the financial product takes it further by not just giving the client strong life protection and smart wealth investments, but also bonuses for investing more and longer. In addition, FWD Manifest cushions your investment from risks.

With the country’s economy in a see-saw, one can’t really predict the future, and all we can do is to get ready for it. With safety nets in place, account holders of this financial product may focus more on the things that they want to do in their lives and not just what they needed to be done.

FWD Manifest highlights the inclusion of a start-up bonus, loyalty bonus, investment protector bonus, premium extension bonus, guaranteed milestone increase, and an option to customize — giving the plan holder the freedom to add protection and benefits depending on their needs and budget.

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