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There was a lot of hype about the air fryer that it generated kilometric threads of discussions–and debate–among cooking groups in social media as to which is better, the air fryer or the turbo broiler.

It is because the air fryer is touted as a “smart” appliance. Just pop in any type of food for frying, whether meat or your favorite snacks, set the timer and voila! No need to keep an eye on your food from time to time, which may be a challenge to the head of the household working from home.

For the health-conscious bunch, the air fryer supposedly allows them to enjoy fried food, minus the guilt because all the oil are trapped underneath the appliance. Deep-fried treats may not always be the smartest choice in keeping a healthy diet. However, when deep-frying at home, it is not easy to overlook, especially when the aroma starts to waft into the air, which may encourage one to eat more and affect their overall diet. However, there’s also no denying that deep-fried is so good it is worth dedicating a cheat day just for it.  

Did you know, though, that there is a way you can enjoy your favorite deep-fried dishes minus the guilt of consuming something that can get your healthy eating habits off track? That was exactly what Breville Philippines proved during its virtual event, “Hey, Home Fryer!”

Chef Waya Araos-Wijanco (left) of Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe

Breville showcased their latest kitchen partners that ultimately changed the way anyone enjoys fried dishes. The international premium kitchen-label brand invited culinary luminaries Chef Waya Araos-Wijanco of Gourmet Gypsy Art Café, and Chef Gem Tee of Salta Ristorante, who both shared heritage and modern recipes that anyone can add to their culinary traditions, using some of the most advanced kitchen technologies that can elevate the way you enjoy your food. 

Chef Gem Tee (right) of Salta Ristorante

The event placed the spotlight on Breville’s newest kitchen must-have, the Smart Oven® Air Fryer, the third and most innovative version of its best-selling Pro ovens. The Smart Oven® Air Fryer from Breville’s roster just #GotSmarter as it married both oven and air-frying options in one powerful product so people can experience different ways of enjoying your tabletop favorites. 

The Smart Oven® Air Fryer is every home cook’s answer to their fried food dilemma, thanks to its healthier way of deep-frying that uses advanced super convection technology. Now, you can sink your teeth on crispy, golden, air-fried food minus the oil and the guilt. Want other ways to enjoy your food? You can even choose from ten different cooking functions like slow cook, grill, bake, and roast.

And as if that is not enough, anyone can perfect recipes using the Smart Oven Air Fryer® regardless of their experience in the kitchen and make their cooking smarter than ever, thanks to its smart algorithm that helps provide the best cooking temperature for whatever it is you want to cook.  

All home cooks and food lovers also got to know more about valuable kitchen hacks and cooking tips from the pros as viewers, got first dibs on Chef Waya’s and Chef Tee’s insights. The two outstanding chefs both opened up on all the most important things they’ve picked up over the years when it comes to working in their kitchens.  

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