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Philippine brand Hygienix has long been building a solid following and reputation in different parts of the globe with their innovative and effective health and hygiene products. Even before the ongoing pandemic, products like the Hygienix Germicidal Soap, Hygienix Germ Kill Alcohol, Hygienix Hand Gels, and Hygienix Hand Sprays are already well-received in the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

Splash Corporation, one of the most respected players in the Philippine personal care industry and a subsidiary of Wipro Consumer Care, the brand Hygienix has evolved from being a simple household staple to becoming a true essential due to its germ-killing properties, moisturizing formula, refreshing scent and being economical.

Going global meant not just exporting products but expanding the brand overseas. Because of the positive reception and increasing demand for germicidal products in their respective countries, Wipro Consumer Care companies in Malaysia, China, and its parent company in India decided to expand their personal care portfolio to include manufacturing germicidal products and adapt the “Hygienix” brand. In consideration of the demands of their local market, the company launched hand sanitizer gel, hand spray, body wash, hand wash, and wipes last September 2020 and all are being promoted through TV commercials and in-store displays. Simultaneously, Malaysia, and China.

With germicidal products now considered life essential, Hygienix promised to continue introducing other formats that also harp on its germ-killing and moisturizing capabilities. And even if vaccination programs have been rolled out to combat COVID-19, Filipinos everywhere can take pride in the fact that a homegrown brand like Hygienix is now crossing more borders and earning the public’s trust in their mission to #FightWorldGermination.

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