Fiber connectivity should be part of building plan — Globe

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For property developments, especially among vertical high-rise, optimal connectivity for homeowners should be considered very early, even before construction.

“For most of these, particularly in vertical development, the chance to put fiber only happens once and it’s during the building process assuming fiber is included as part of the build plan. Once the building is sealed, done and  occupied,  it will be very challenging.”

These were the comments of Ernest Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer, during “Telco 101.” This annual learning series aims to brief property developers on the aspects of telecom, mobile solutions, data communication and networking, from fundamentals to the latest technologies such as telco infrastructure requirements and intelligent solutions needed to build future-proof developments.

Homes of Filipinos continue to upgrade digitally to meet their daily demands and for some, upgrades mean a new home altogether. This poses a greater challenge to property developers with mid-rise and high-rise condominiums with several units occupying each floor, and internet services need to keep up with area density.

In order for property developers to adapt quickly to the ever-changing world and be one-step ahead in the digital transformation, Globe presented Intelligent Home, Intelligent Building and Intelligent City and how the company can plan alongside its partner from ground-zero. This includes various technologies like WiFi, broadband fiber, indoor mobile antennas and if possible, outdoor antennas.

Discussions further covered residential high-rise developments where Globe installs fiber-to-the-home facilities, and in-building solutions (IBS) as a requirement in high-rise hotels to allow guests to have continuous connectivity in their mobile. The integration of built-in broadband within residential properties was also highlighted, as this would allow a seamless move-in of tenants without hassles of applying or tapping the development’s property management office.

In equipping office buildings such as BPOs, the webinar pointed out the importance of installing data equipment to provide direct internet connection to support essential operations of medium to large size companies. The advantages of a shared infrastructure, providing indoor coverage in a neutral hosting concept available to different telcos guaranteeing good coverage to all areas will answer the needs of all types of occupants.  This is the way to move forward in the development of buildings in order to promote digitally-advanced, remote work, and online-enabled communities.

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