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TWITTER-verse exploded with anticipation from loyal fans when the celebrated frontman of the legendary band Eraserheads hinted at a possible reunion.

He made the reunion issue even hotter that made E-heads fans drool even more about the reunion when the former vocalist tweeted “Pag tumakbo si Leni.”

It’s as if the E-heads reunion really depended on Vice President Leni Robredo’s decision to run for president in next year’s polls. A netizen even had the gall to tweet the vice president herself to run for president so that the band can reunite.

But the outspoken Buendia, who recently created a stir himself when he admitted in public that he and his bandmates were never friends, doused cold water on the heated anticipation of a reunion with a disclaimer.

He said his political views are his own and may not be the same as his bandmates.

So for those hitting their heads hard for a reunion to happen between Ely, Buddy, Marcus and Raymund for that much-awaited magic: “Not so fast, guys!”

But then again, who knows?


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