EJ Obiena joins Alyssa Valdez as Allianz PNB Life brand ambassador

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FOR elite pole vaulter ranked number five in the world, Filipino Olympian, and current Asian pole vault record holder Ernest John “E.J.” Obiena, e remains grounded more than ever despite his streak of international record-breaking achievements.

If you’re open to learning, if you’re open to growing, and you can see the small improvements, I think that’s a win,” he said.

Obiena’s newest win in his young yet illustrious career is being chosen as the newest face of Allianz PNB Life. He joins volleyball star Alyssa Valdez, who officially became part of Allianz PNB Life‘s lineup of brand ambassadors last June. 

After reaching the pole vault final in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Obiena continued to compete in more events, largely in Europe where he is based and where the toughest competitions are. This included his latest historic bid in Austria, where he broke his personal record—as well as the Asian mark—when he cleared 5.93m in a jaw-dropping performance.

Before Austria, Obiena was already able to tally a new personal and national record after clearing the 5.91m mark in a pole vault competition in Paris last August 29, 2021. 

In his most recent appearance in a webinar presented by Allianz PNB Life last July, the star pole vaulter shared, “I just put myself into the work that I’ve been doing, the tasks that I have accepted, and [what] I should be doing.”

Obiena, however, wasn’t immune to the toll of the pandemic either.

While being successful from a young age, what he found most difficult was living away from his family and training in isolation. With some help from his coach, Obiena was soon enough able to get back on track to Tokyo 2020 and later competitions. 

Likewise, Allianz PNB Life joins Obiena’s team in backing the athlete to make more confident leaps and bounds into the future. For Obiena, this is especially important as he prepares himself for future competitions.

Supporting passionate athletes like E.J. Obiena is part of our mission to be the global insurer of sport and sustainability,” said Alexander Grenz, CEO and President of Allianz PNB Life.

Last January,  Allianz officially began its eight-year Worldwide Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Movements until 2028. Allianz has supported the International Paralympic Committee since 2006, most recently as an International Partner. 

In 2018, Allianz had the chance to build on more than a decade of success with the Paralympic Movement by becoming the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. This served as a big opportunity to drive impact on their strategy along the dimensions of people, business, and brand.

As one of the world’s most sustainable insurers, Allianz integrates waste and carbon emissions reduction, as well as employing a fair and diverse workforce, in its operations. Locally, Allianz PNB Life advocates for green mobility through Ride Safe, an award-winning campaign that promotes cycling among Filipinos. 

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