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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte hits back at a senator who questioned the president’s presence in a high-end mall and for passing by stores such as one that sells expensive watches.

Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque reiterated that the President’s trip to the mall, which happened on October 2, the same day the president announced his retirement from politics, was totally unplanned. The said mall trip also happened right after Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the vice presidential post.

According to Roque, the President felt like a normal citizen who could go on malling, dine outside, and probably visit old friends and acquaintances after months of not being able to go out and go to places

He said the President only passed by the stores that sell high-end watches inside the mall, which Roque explained was purely by chance since the stores were situated near the mall’s entrance.

Roque explained that the President did not but any watch. “He just went inside because he personally knew the sales lady in the store selling those watches. They are his amiga since he was still a mayor 15 years ago and had a few minutes of conversation.”

The President prides himself in wearing inexpensive watches, Roque added, and hit back that it is probably Senator Richard Gordon who has a collection given that he owes the Philippine government P86 million.


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