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SO, it’s a Go-Duterte tandem after all. In what appears to be a confirmation of reports dragging the administration to efforts that would ensure continuity of what had been started when he assumed the highest elective post in 2016, President Rodrigo Duterte now says he’s open to the idea of running for vice-president come the 2022 general elections.

He, however, minced on the same phrase he used in 2015 when asked if he would run for president. As presidential spokesperson Harry Roque quoted the President, “I leave it to God.”

I think I will quote the President, he leaves it to God,” said Roque when asked if Duterte plans to run for vice president.

Interestingly, the “openness” of the President does not jibe with what Duterte said in March. It was only in March that Roque himself had said he had heard Duterte dismiss the idea of seeking the vice presidency.

I’ve heard the President say at one point na, siyempre, naging Presidente na siya, bakit siya magba-vice president. Pero I don’t know if there’s been any change,” the Palace mouthpiece added.

As early as March, some members of Duterte’s national political party, Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban), have been publicly urging Duterte to run for vice president.

In reaction to the call of several party mates that time, Duterte said that he would only agree to run for vice-president if Sara Duterte would be the standard bearer. He, however, has made statements publicly expressing objecting to the idea of Sara running for President.

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