Death toll from COVID-19 around the world reach to over a million

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The death toll from coronavirus disease or  COVID-19 around the world has reached to a total of 1,323,967.

Based on the latest data obtained by frontpageph, the total number of casualties in the US has reached 251,826, while in Brazil, the death toll has more than 165,000.

In India, over 130,000 died because of the virus, while death toll in Mexico has reached over 98,000.

The number of those who have recovered from the disease has reached more than 38.1 million.

While there are still more than 15.3 million active cases.

Here are the number of casualties in different countries:

USA – 251,826

Brazil – 165,811

India – 130,109

Mexico – 98,259

UK – 51,934

Italy – 45,229

France – 44,548

Spain – 40,769

Iran – 41,493

Argentina – 35,436

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