COVID-19 cases in France continue to fall

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For the fourth consecutive day, new COVID-19 infections in France continue to fall .

Latest data from France’s Health ministry said that new COVID-19 infections in the country in the past 24 hours reached 19,175 compared with 20,586 the previous day.

However, the good news was overshadowed by the increasing number of patients being treated in hospital. After a four-day drop, 27,694 cases were reported for treatment versus the previous 27,369. The number of COVID-19 patients in ICU rooms also went up by almost 50 cases to 3,272 from the previous 3,225.

France already imposed two nationwide lockdowns and so far, it has not acceded to a third one being asked by health experts. They based their concerns on possible virus variants, especially the UK one that is highly transmissible may affect the country’s health care delivery system.

So far, the government is mulling the imposition of evening curfew and tighter policies on foreign travel, especially the non-essential ones.

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