CEAP to sit down with presumptive VP Sara Duterte on education crisis due to the pandemic

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THE Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) is hoping that the next Secretary of the Department of Education (DepEd) will prioritize the crisis currently being faced by the education sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Earlier reports have stated that presumptive Vice President Sara Duterte has been picked to become the next DepEd chief.

According to Alan Arellano, executive director of the CEAP, the popularity of the incoming vice president can help to influence the youth in treading the good path.

Her popularity may be an asset to influence the young people to be better Filipinos. If indeed she will be the one to run the department, we hope that she could address the education crisis we are facing. In the days to come, she may be consulting the education stakeholders. We are willing to be part of that process,” states Arellano in an interview with Radio Veritas.

Although incoming VP Duterte denied pushing for a mandatory Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) in the curriculum,. the CEAP declared its readiness to help push in the framing of guidelines and policies if in case mandatory ROTC will be implemented.

“If it (mandatory ROTC) will be part of the curriculum, we will help in the formation of values that the youth needed to learn on becoming pro-God, pro-country, pro-people and pro-environment,” Arellano shared.

The CEAP also maintained its ground that the truth will never be changed.

This is because of the fear of various religious and youth groups that the incoming Marcos administration will change the country’s history and will remove all records and official data regarding Martial Law.

Arellano said the Catholic and private schools will continue to teach the youth the truth and will provide scholastic material that will fortify a student’s values that will allow him or her to choose what it right.

According to CEAP official records, it counts more than 1,600 Catholic and private schools as part of its ranks. 

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