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STRESSFUL is an understatement to describe the services we get from internet providers. I, for one, am among the millions of Filipino internet users banking on the promises and advertorials they are espousing through their advertisements and PR stunts.

We were made to believe in the benefits of subscribing to their services only to be disappointed – if not outraged by the way they do business, or is it?

Taking cue from my own experience with PLDT, I should say that we were only made to believe on empty promises we usually get to hear from politicians and con men. Well, PLDT isn’t a politician. But could I categorize this business group as embarking on con games?

I am no fan of other service providers because just like PLDT, these telecommunication companies also have their share of complaints embarking on legitimate concerns. But from my own experience I can sense a systematic form of deception on the hapless Filipinos who don’t have much of a choice.

PLDT is persistent. Well, for the duration of my subscription, I can say that they have a great collection department because PLDT repeatedly reminds us to pay the bill on time – way ahead of the due date.

PLDT is quick – oops not on their internet speed but on disconnecting internet services even on accounts that don’t have outstanding balances. They actually did it to me and the aftermath was disastrous. I missed several deadlines, failed to show up in a couple of business meetings and failed to buy what my youngest son told me to, just because I wasn’t connected to the Messenger app where he sent his message.

PLDT has an internet speed faster than the way late Kuya Cesar did in his radio programs and even on roles he played in the movies. In fairness to PLDT, subscribers of the other internet service providers have been complaining about the same thing. These business groups are actually deceiving us by claiming high-speed internet access. Numbers reflected on web-based internet speed test apps don’t lie, you nincompoops.

PLDT should at least have the decency to walk their talk. I have repeatedly stumbled upon social media posts where PLDT subscribers get to rant and share their stressful experience with the PLDT. Worse, they don’t seem to deduct days that they have not been providing the “unhampered services” that they are claiming on their ads and PR stunts.

PLDT needs to improve its after sales services. Whenever the internet is down, all we get is an apology. Reconnection comes only after a much later date, a week, a month or beyond as many subscribers claim.

Why the hell am I being asked to pay beyond the internet package I signed? When I subscribed to their services, I particularly hinted at the “Internet Service” and not the landline from where they collect more even if I never used it. Interestingly, I get to receive calls of a recorded message telling me time and again that my due date is drawing nearer. Am I actually shouldering the calls they made?

What’s worse is that PLDT insists on continuously collecting from subscribers even after they disconnected their internet services.

Now tell me, is that business or just a plain and simple robbery?

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