A much-needed financial boost in these times provided by Robinsons Bank’s GO!Salary Loan

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AS Filipinos go back to work, especially those who were out of jobs due to the pandemic, a little financial push may be needed in order for them to tide things over until their next paycheck arrives.

And that is what Robinsons Bank’s GO!Salary Loan offers to the thousands of employees of its partner companies, a salary loan program that is fast, easy and hassle-free.

Robinsons Bank’s GO!Salary Loan is the quickest and most effective way to get a much-needed financial boost, whether it is immediate funds needed for an emergency, additional budget for house renovations, shopping for home appliances, or more.

Offered to employees of companies under the salary loan program, the GO!Salary Loan is a multipurpose loan facility that’s collateral-free and paid through salary deduction, allowing financial flexibility for clients.

Moreover, since the GO!Salary Loan uses an end-to-end digital process, the processing time is just 1- 2 days. Loan applicants can also skip the visit to a physical branch to sign loan documents as it can be completed electronically through ePN. This has addressed the pain points of corporate clients and its employees, eliminating tedious tasks like rigorous paperwork, and filling out of forms for loan applications.​

For those who want to offer the GO!Salary Loan to their employees, companies simply need to become an accredited company of Robinsons Bank today. Visit any Robinsons Bank branch or their website to inquire today.

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