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IT HAD been almost four months after the start of the vaccine rollout, and the National Vaccination Operations Center (NVOC) said it had already administered about eight million doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

From the eight million doses, about 5,953,810 jabs were given for the first dose, while 2,096,901 were already given for the second dose.

Though the vaccination process seem to be moving at a snail’s pace, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez reiterated that the government has been doing its best to convince priority sectors to get the jabs, in the wake of surveys showing vaccination hesitancy.

There’s no letup in our vaccination campaign. All sectors of society are working together so that we can start to move on from this pandemic, bring back a greater sense to our lives, and further open up our economy,” said Galvez, who hinted at an improving trend.

Galvez was apparently referring to the June 15 data that saw a record-high 322,929 doses administered in a single day, adding that more than one million jabs were given weekly for two consecutive weeks this month.

The National Task Force Against COVID-19 chief implementer added that one reason behind the decline of vaccine hesitancy is the growing number of vaccination sites in the country. He said that as of June 18, there are already 3,991 vaccination centers sprawled across the archipelago.

Since March, the start of the vaccination program, a total of 11,731,640 vaccine doses have been deployed nationwide by the NVOC.

We will sustain our momentum, as we expect a steady supply of vaccines in the coming weeks and months,” Galvez said.

The government has earlier reported that the vaccination of the priority sector A1 or the medical frontliners, is close to completion at 94.24 percent.

For the A2 priority group or the elders, a total of 1,939,599 received their first dose, while 536,476 have completed two doses.

For the A3 priority group (persons with comorbidities), 2,005,206 received their first jab while 498,925 have been fully vaccinated with two doses.

As for the A4 priority group (economic frontliners), 452,600 were given their first dose while 8,127 have completed both doses.

Meanwhile, for the A5 priority group (indigents), 23,826 have already received their first dose.

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