10-year-old succumbs to diarrhea in Davao City; patients affected by the outbreak now at 147

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A TEN-YEAR-OLD male child died due to the diarrhea outbreak in the Toril District of Davao City.

According to Davao City Health Officer Dr. Ashley Lopez, the victim ate “isaw,” a popular form of street food that’s either barbecued pork or chicken intestine, and drank water from the Davao City Water District on July 15 before experiencing diarrhea symptoms.

The following day, July 16, the child was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) and died yesterday, July 19 due to complications brought about by severe dehydration.

The Davao City local government, meanwhile, pledged assistance to the victim’s family.

Meanwhile, the number of people affected by the diarrhea outbreak already reached a total of 147.

Of that number, 64 are currently recovering at private hospitals located within the Toril District while the others were rused to the SPMC.

49 people were at the Out-patient department or were already discharged, while 34 patients are still under verification.

The youngest victim of diarrhea was a three-month-old child, while majority of patients are female that already reached 59 percent.

Also, a total of 19 barangays in the Toril district were already affected.

The Davao City Health Office said the results of the independent water and food testing done will be released either today or tomorrow that will help determine the cause of the diarrhea outbreak in one of Davao City’s biggest districts.

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