When high fashion meets fine catering with Bizu

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FOR all those who love sophisticated and elegant food that’s good for the senses and lifts the spirits, only one name comes to mind–Bizu!

Since 2001, Bizu has become renowned among foodies out there since it epitomized not only culinary craftsmanship but also love and warmth, drawing its name from the French word “Bisous,” which means “kiss” in English.

For over 20 years, Bizu is undoubtedly a true household name when it comes to artisanal cakes and contemporary European comfort cuisine. This go-to place among those who love everything sweet and savory has consistently redefined gastronomy in Manila, bestowing its patrons with an unmatched dining experience.

At the heart of Bizu’s culinary mastery lies its Patisserie where Parisian-inspired pastries are meticulously crafted.  These pastries have been known for their eye-catching and exquisite presentations, which has delighted the visual senses and the palate of its customers over the years.  Bizu was the pioneering force that introduced artisan cakes in individual portions, featuring distinctive designs and flavors that had not been previously encountered in the Filipino pastry landscape.

Bizu’s Lumière Grand Canape Collection Graces Vania Romoff’s 2023 Runway Show

But Bizu, which remained the embodiment of culinary elegance and sophistication in the country, conquered the world of haute cuisine when it made waves during Vania Romoff’s recently concluded runway show “Woman” at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City.

Building upon this foundation, Bizu’s Bistro took dining experience to new heights by infusing modern European flavors tailored to the Filipino’s taste buds. This innovative approach seamlessly blends novel tastes with locally available ingredients, resulting in a culinary symphony that has gained a devoted following.

In response to the overwhelming demand from their patrons, Bizu launched its Catering Studio in 2003, an extension of its successful café and bistro concept. This allowed Bizu to bring its gourmet fare, delectable pastries, professional service, and tasteful styling to private homes, events, and offices. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, dinner, or desserts, Bizu has consistently delivered excellence to every momentous celebration, from intimate gatherings to grand weddings.

Bizu’s Fine Catering Meets High Fashion

The recent Fashion Week celebrated collective memory and local identity through a diverse lineup of nine exceptional designers, including the prominent Vania Romoff, who closed the show with her latest collection of  timeless and feminine designs.

Tastemakers in bridal and fashion toasted with Bizu Catering Studio during Vania Romoff’s exclusive preview of “Woman.”

The guests were treated to Bizu’s Lumière Grand Canape Collection, an assemblage of nine of their most elegant canapés, especially curated to dazzle guests, featuring radiant flavors and a dazzling presentation, perfect for commemorating the year’s brightest and grandest celebrations.  The Lumière Grand Canape Collection was inspired by Vania Romoff’s beautiful garments that reflect a sensibility for modern romance and femininity.  Just like her creations, each canape was crafted with distinct personalities.

Six of the canapes playfully explores the boundary between savory and sweet, combining patisserie expertise, luxurious ingredients, and bursts of flavors.  

It’s a different take for each canape on the runway starting with the Pannacotta with Parmigiano, pistachio dust and a pop of melon.

The pretty pyramid of Foie Gras and Dark Cherry Compote on dark chocolate almond thins combine the comforts of Christmas tradition.  

The Oscietra Caviar on top of creme fraiche, lemon rind and a pink peppercorn financier is a sublime treat. 

Meanwhile, Bizu’s famed Macaron de Paris enjoys a delectable twist as Caprese with Burrata from Puglia, balsamic pearls and sundried tomato can be savored in one bite.  

The Marron Tartlet invites one to enjoy the taste of roasted castañas from Simbang Gabi with porcini cream and a candied guanciale surprise.  

The Beautiful Hokkaido Oysters meet the sweetness of a French Rosé granita and strawberries.

The three dessert canapes are equally masterful.  A crafty combination of Sweet Jasmine and Ginger is warming to the soul, while Rose Cream, Lychee and Grapefruit in a Swiss Meringue squeals delight.  Lastly, Dark Chocolate Macadamia, and Caramel Popcorn is this season’s Christmas darling.

While the models graced the runway in Vania Romoff’s exquisite designs, guests simultaneously indulged in the enchanting flavors of the Lumière Grand Canape Collection, creating an unforgettable fusion of fashion and gastronomy.  Bizu’s fashionable and delectable menu seamlessly complemented the grandeur of the event.

In the words of Audrey Tanco Uy, Bizu Catering Studio’s Managing Director, “Bizu’s raison d’être is to leave a lasting impression on guests in all our catering engagements.” 

She further added, “Our ‘grand’ canapé collection is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering exquisite cuisine and excellent service. We are not just raising the bar for catering; we are setting the standard for the future of Bizu Catering Studio.

Our vision is to redefine fine catering, we take pride in our heritage that we’ve built over the years and we bring that prestige to every celebration.”

As Bizu continues to explore the frontiers of culinary creativity, their support for Vania Romoff’s show heralds a new era in the world of high-fashion catering.  With a passion for creativity and a menu that dazzles the senses, Bizu is the top choice for those seeking an unparalleled, fashionable dining experience. 

The Lumière Canape Collection is available at Bizu’s Catering Studio. For additional inquiries, inquire at bizucateringstudio.com or +639176273970, or drop by Bizu Catering Studio, 109 First Midland Condominium Office, Gamboa St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

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