PCG chief welcomes Japan Coast Guard commandant, lauds enduring ties to promote regional stability

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THE chief of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) welcomed the courtesy visit of the head of the Japanese Coast Guard (JCG), and lauded the JCG’s continued commitment to work with the PCG to help promote regional stability.

In his speech, PCG Commandant, CG Admiral Ronnie Gil Gavan, welcomed the commandant of the JCG, Admiral Shohei Ishii who went on a courtesy at the PCG headquarters in Manila.

Gavan said Admiral Ishii’s visit shows the kind of enduring friendship and partnership between the two coast guards.

When we speak of the Japan Coast Guard and the Philippine Coast Guard, we don’t merely refer to organizations working together – we are, in the truest sense, friends, partners, and allies. Our shared commitment to maritime security, safety, and humanitarian assistance has forged a bond that transcends the usual diplomatic ties. In the world of coast guards, we are family, we are brothers in the service and this connection will always be a source of vigor and inspiration for all of us,” noted Admiral Gavan in his speech.

The ‘purity of being white’ is a principle we both share and value. More than the non-military identity of our agencies, this symbolizes the integrity and clarity of our purpose — to protect, serve, and save lives,” he added.

Admiral Gavan said that by employing a “whole of government” approach, the PCG will be at the forefront of maritime security and safety. The newly appointed PCG chief likewise noted the importance of synergy among all government agencies and the commitment to ensure the well being of the country and the region as well.

He likewise pointed out the importance of the government of Japan’s strong support and generosity to the PCG that enabled it to achieve many of its accomplishments.

Among them are the human resource development programs that include maritime safety and security policy (MSP) and more importantly, the acquisition of the PCG’s capital assets such as the Multi-Role Response Vessels (MRRVs) to assure the success of many of the PCG’s successful maritime activities.

“We are deeply cognizant of the invaluable assistance and expertise that Japan has generously shared with us, and we are committed to harnessing this support further enhance our capabilities and contribute to regional stability,” Admiral Gavan continued.

He also assured the visiting JCG official of the PCG’s efforts in the promotion of the two nations’ common interests in overcoming their challenges.

“Let today be a testament of our strengthened bond, cooperation and friendship. I enjoin everyone to more productive discussions and fruitful collaboration as we continue to stand as beacons of maritime security and cooperation in this dynamic and challenging world,” Admiral Gavan concluded.

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