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Remember the times when applying for or renewing a National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance for employment or for any other purpose was torture both physically and mentally?

It’s absolutely gone now as for many years, the NBI has been a proponent in improving the ease of doing transactions for Filipinos. 

From the application of their NBI clearance to online registration, online scheduling of appointments to opening different payment options for citizens, NBI has expanded its online services allowing citizens to also renew and pay their NBI clearance without having to leave the comforts of their homes. 

This means no more personal appearances, no more longer queues as the NBI makes its services more convenient and hassle-free for Filipinos by simply accessing the NBI Website at  In addition, it also gives citizens the option to have their clearances picked-up from the NBI office or they can request for a door-to-door delivery service in 3 to 7 business days in Metro Manila and Luzon and 7 to 10 business days in Visayas and Mindanao.

The NBI Clearance Online Renewal System with Delivery Service was launched this morning, June 17, 2021 at the NBI VTECH Tower in Quezon City. Present during the launch were NBI officials led by NBI Officer in Charge Director Eric Distor, NBI Deputy Director for Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS) Jose Justo Yap, Deputy Director Ferdinand Lavin, Forensic Investigation Services, Marlou Baltazar, chief of the ICT Division, and Nicanor Suarez, chief of the Information Division.

The NBI Clearance Online Renewal System was made possible in partnership between the NBI and IPAY MYEG PHILIPPINES, INC., a market leader in electronic solutions championing government services online automation, providing eGovernment services in both Malaysia and the Philippines for the last 18 years through its technology platform encompassing internet, automation, big data and electronic payments.

Our goal is to provide a better, a more efficient and safer way for Filipinos to renew their NBI Clearance without having to leave their homes.  NBI has always been committed in the service of the Filipinos and we will have more public service initiatives that will make the lives of our fellow countrymen easier and more convenient,” says NBI Officer in Charge Director Eric Distor.

In support of the agenda set forth by our current NBI officer-in-charge Director Distor, we have doubled our efforts to make people’s lives easier by making NBI clearance renewal accessible online. Not only is it convenient but definitely a safer way to protect our citizens by allowing them to stay right at the comfort of their homes,” says NBI Deputy Director Yap.

Aside from the NBI, other IPAY MYEG PH clients include the Land bank of the Philippines (Land Bank), CIMB, and a number of local government units.

It currently provides e-payment and logistics services for major government agencies in the Philippines, handling over 50,000 daily transactions servicing Filipinos all across the country. It also has more than 80,000 OTC payment channels and points-of-sale location across the Philippines and have access to 150,000 outlets across the world through its relationship with Western Union.

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