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GENEVA, Switzerland— Myanmar is facing the risk of an alarming civil war as the armed resistance movement continues in its uprising against the military junta, the chief of UN’s human rights warned on Thursday. 

Michelle Bachelet told the UN Human Rights Council that time was running out for other countries to build up efforts in restoring democracy in the country and avoid a wider conflict. 

Myanmar has been in a tumultuous situation since the military ousted the government last February. The national uprising as a consequence of that coup has been something that the junta has been trying to quell. 

There has been a constant buildup of attacks on troops after Myanmar lawmakers booted out by the military’s generals called for a “people’s defensive war.” 

According to Bachelet, the human rights situation in Myanmar has deteriorated already because of the coup, and had utterly devastated the lives and hopes of the country’s citizens.

Conflict, poverty and the effects of the pandemic are sharply increasing, and the country faces a vortex of repression, violence and economic collapse,” she mentioned.

These disturbing events, Bachelet added, could be a formula that suggests the possibility of civil war. 

Bachelet pleaded to other countries to extend political support which would engage parties of the ASEAN regional bloc and influential powers to use incentives and disincentives in order to prevent military coup and violence. 

She also stated that the stability and the path to democracy and prosperity of Myanmar had been immolated already in order the achieve the desires and privileges of an entrenched military elite. 

According to Bachelet, there were reports that 1,100 people have supposedly died at the hands of military forces since the coup began. Also mentioned were over 8,000 others, including children, who had been arrested while more than 4,700 individuals have been detained. 


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