Making camping and picnic trips fun and easy with Hanabishi outdoor appliances

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MANY are now savoring the fact that since travel restrictions have loosened, it’s time to go out and explore the world–the malls, resorts and naturally, the great outdoors.

The latter is perhaps the one that’s most popular since it’s two straight years that families and friends weren’t about to go out and bask in the sun–swimsuits, sunburns and all–and enjoy a break from the metropolis to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

If you’re one of those who are planning to go on a camping trip, make sure that you are ready with your tools and gadgets. Spending a night or two among nature may be fun and exciting, but it can be stressful as well if you don’t prepare for your much-needed summer outing.

At Hanabishi, we have noticed that more people are searching for outdoor appliances recently. This may be because they are preparing for nature trips or camping out. As the past year have taught all of us, it’s always best to be ready,” explains Hanabishi Appliances Vice President for Finance and Marketing Cherish Ong-Chua when asked by 

Here are some outdoor tips from Hanabishi for you to enjoy a hassle- and worry-free vacay:

Keep the Mosquitoes Away 

Being out in nature may expose you to insects. To prevent them from pestering you on your trip, make sure you bring insect repellents. You can use lotions and ointments, or opt to bring the trusty and reliable Hanabishi Mosquito Trap. It has V-type semi-transparent air intake, a detachable air intake grid, and stable double-U light technology. It is child-safe as well. 

Make Sure to Stay Cool 

A fresh breeze is always welcome. But for those days when the weather can get humid, a rechargeable fan can come in handy. Hanabishi, which is known for its quality fans, offers an easy-to-carry Rechargeable Fan. It has a two-speed slide switch, LED light and portable handle. It comes with a USB output, a built-in power cord, and rechargeable battery. When its battery is fully-charged, it can keep you cool from up to six to eight hours. 

Cook Your Own Meals 

While you may bring cooked meals with you as your baon, it would be fun to try preparing your breakfast, lunch or dinner during camping. If you don’t have an outdoor cooking device yet, check out Hanabishi’s Portable Stove and 3-in-1 Portable Griller/Cooker Gas Stove. 

The Hanabishi Portable Stove is a gas a stove with adjustable heat control; built-in pressure sensitive device; and simple and safe automatic piezo electric ignition. It also comes with a safety locking mechanism for gas canister and a strong and durable plastic carry case. Don’t worry; it’s also easy to clean!  

If you’re more into grilled dishes, the Hanabishi 3-in-1 Portable Griller/Cooker Gas Stove would be a good appliance to bring along. It has its own grilling tools like the barbecue skewer and plate grill. It also has an adjustable heat control; built-in pressure sensitive safety device; simple and safe automatic piezo electric ignition; and safety locking mechanism for gas canister. Like the portable stove, it is likewise easy to clean. 

Don’t Forget to Clean and Sanitize 

Health restrictions may have eased, but it is still important to observe health and safety protocols. The Hanabishi Portable UVC Sterilization Wand is a good gadget to have with you, whether for indoors and outdoors. With it, you can kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses and is effective for sterilization. It is battery-operated and has a cordless portable design. It is also safe and easy to use. 

Where You Can Find Hanabishi Products 

Hanabishi products are available in leading appliance stores nationwide. You can also purchase them via the Hanabishi e-commerce store,, and through its official store on LazMall. 

To learn more about their latest products and promotions, follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 

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