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THE Philippines is home to a long list of wonders that could only be found here. It is also known for its disintegrated culture mainly attributed to the 111 dialects in its archipelagic geography. However, what struck the world is the bloodless revolution in 1986 – and that of its jailed Presidents.

With the International Criminal Court (ICC) finally commencing its full investigation of what it aptly referred to as crime against humanity against President Rodrigo Duterte over the thousands of casualties in his war against drugs, the Philippines could break its own record of sending two former Presidents behind bars, to three with the sitting President as the third.

Oh yes, he could be the third, says the ICC, which has proven its ability to arrest, prosecute and put behind bars state leaders and other top personalities, just like it did in Chile.

The ICC has also manifested its formidable power and clout over Argentina, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, East Timor, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Cambodia, Peru, Congo, Sudan, Libya, Kenya, Tunisia, Egypt, Guatemala, Ivory Coast and Kosovo where the accused stood trial for the charges filed against them by their own people. Some were dethroned or forced to resign. There were quite a few who died while under trial and a handful acquitted.

Would Duterte be the third Philippine President to land in jail for crimes against humanity?

Not so fast, says Malacañang spokesperson Harry Roque and Duterte’s chief legal counsel Salvador Panelo. Both Roque and Panelo are lawyers — so as the accused. All three insisted that the ICC does not have jurisdiction over the Philippines because it had already ceased membership a few years ago.

Human rights advocates, however, said that there is no way for Duterte to elude accountability for his crimes against humanity when he issued a verbal order in many of his speeches developed in public appearances inside the Palace and across the country.

For one, the Philippines is home of geniuses, hardworking and resilient people. Filipinos don’t deserve such global attention for notoriety.

Admittedly though, we’ve got lots of crooks in the government. But if there is one thing we could do to avoid such negative imputation on us, then stop electing crooks.

With an election drawing nearer, it is best to elect those who don’t spend much for a campaign because there’s not much “investment” to recover upon assuming power.

Always remember, nobody in his or her proper mind would dare spend a fortune without at least getting even, or so I thought.

To be perfectly honest about it, we’ve run out of leaders and statesmen – just politicians who are seeing government posts as a place where they could amass fortune.

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