Global COVID-19 vaccine indicator for corporate vaccination plans

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The Philippines is about to embark on a national vaccination plan to inoculate millions of Filipinos, giving priority to the medical frontliners and senior citizens.

The Department of Health (DOH) recently issued the National Policy Framework for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment and Immunization, setting in motion the country’s vaccination program.

In the private sector, many corporations are also looking at conducting their own vaccination programs for their workers.

Thus, demand for reliable information on COVID-19 vaccines is increasing so International SOS, a health and security services company, created what it calls a “traffic light” indicator. This indicator will help businesses track when, where and how they can roll-out corporate COVID-19 vaccination programs for their employees.

As global organizations seek advice on corporate COVID-19 vaccine policies, the indicator brings with it the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker of International SOS, which contains detailed vaccine information for all countries, with regularly updated country-level distribution and program monitoring.

Dr. Mark Parrish, Regional Medical Director at International SOS, admitted that COVID-19 vaccination programs are a complex issue, particularly for global organizations.

“Faced with differing regulations, vaccines and roll-out plans dependent on location, it is vital to have a strategic and agile plan in place. This should be underpinned by up-to- date information, analyzed and implemented in accordance with the needs of the workforce. We want to make it as easy as possible for organizations to be able to protect their people at the earliest and in the most efficient way.” 

For her part, Dr Carrianne Ewe, Medical Director at International SOS Philippines shared that as they continue to monitor the development of the pandemic and the local authority’s approach on the country vaccination, they are able to assist their clients in planning their vaccination strategies and protocols for their employees prior to the availability of the vaccine.

“Educating your workforce with reliable information on the COVID-19 vaccines, communicating its variants, benefits and establishing facts from myths, is critical when implementing a corporate vaccination program. This provides a level of assurance to the employee that there is an end in sight. This support to our clients prepares their organization once the relevant COVID vaccines become available in the Philippines, ensuring a healthy and productive workforce and a safe return to office.”

International SOS is already supporting many of its Fortune Global 500 clients with strategic health advice from its global consulting practice, including its worldwide COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker. The internationally recognized red, amber, green traffic light system, enables clients to quickly recognize where a site or office has the potential to roll out a vaccine program. The information is updated daily.

Dr. Parrish added that organizations want to ensure that employees are protected from COVID-19 and to uphold their Duty of Care. Their clients, he said, want to know where and what vaccines are available to them for their employees, as well as where they may be asked to actively participate in vaccination programs and their responsibility to do this.

“They are considering overall how it affects operations and what a corporate COVID-19 vaccine policy should contain. Many also want guidance on what they can be doing within the wider society to enhance vaccine update in communities,” Dr. Parrish added.

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