Don’t wear clothes, ballers with faces of candidates, voters told

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THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) appealed to voters not to wear clothes or ballers imprinted with name of candidates.

The poll body said it will not forbid voters from wearing clothes with colors identified to the candidates they support on election day.

However, Comelec Commissioner George Erwin Garcia urged voters not to wear clothes with the faces of their candidates because this is tantamount to campaigning.

They must remember that campaigning is strictly forbidden on the day of the elections, he added.

Even the face mask and ballers that voters will use should have no face of the candidate imprinted on it because watchers inside polling precincts will definitely be against it.

It is also forbidden to give sample ballots in voting centers. However, in past elections, some individuals use children to distribute the sample ballots.

Garcia admitted that the Comelec failed on this point since they cannot arrest children but can only tell them to stop what they are doing.

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