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The province of Bulacan announced it will allocate an estimated four million COVID-19 vaccines to cover the total household population in the province.

This was the statement of Governor Daniel Fernando, who said that in case the country has a vaccine against COVID-19, he will ensure that his fellow Bulakenyos are safe from the deadly virus.

In an interview, he said that with the help of local government units of every city and municipality in Bulacan and assistance coming from the national government and the Bulacan provincial government, he will try to provide an estimated 4 million vaccines in Bulacan province.

“We are still waiting for feedback from the cities and municipalities, and from the national government as well so that we will know how many total vaccines will be allocated by the provincial government, but we will definitely insist that every Bulakenyo with almost four million population will have of the vaccine, “said Fernando.

Recently, the P6-billion budget allocated by the capitol for the year 2021 has been approved and this is also where the share of the provincial government of Bulacan in buying the vaccine against COVID-19 will come from.

Gov. Fernando said they are waiting for feedback from the mayors of the 21 municipalities and 3 cities.

According to Philippine vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr., the results of negotiations with vaccine companies are still pending on which of the selected vaccines will be used for the country. Options include Novavax, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson (Janssen Pharmaceutica), Sinovac, and Gamaleya.

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