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Malolos, Bulacan–More Bulakenyos in the priority groups are assured of vaccination following the continuous arrival of COVID-19 vaccines to the province from the national government.

Patricia Alvaro, spokesperson of the Bulacan Provincial Health Office (PHO) on Friday said a total of 111,200 doses of coronavirus vaccines arrived this week and delivered at the Bulacan Vaccination Center in Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center in this city.

It was learned that 76,800 doses are AstraZeneca vaccines that came in part from the donation of the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) Facility of the World Health Organization (WHO) while 34,400 doses are Sinovac’s CoronaVac vaccines, which is part of the Philippine government’s purchase from China.

Governor Daniel Fernando said the continued arrival of vaccines will speed up vaccination to ensure that 70 percent herd immunity is achieved before the end of the year 2021.

The governor added that based on vaccine statistics provided by Bulacan PHO as of May 19, 2021, Bulacan already received 55,619 CoronaVac vaccines and 76,810 from AstraZeneca with a total of 132,429 for first dose; 55,619 of CoronaVac and 18,430 AstraZeneca with a total of 74,049 for the second dose.

Alvaro also said that since the vaccination started in Bulacan on March 8, 2021, 80,313 Bulakenyos in priority sectors have been vaccinated with the first dose and 19,154 of them have been vaccinated for the second dose. A total of 27,719 medical and hospital staff front liners or A1 already vaccinated the first dose and 6,338 of them have received the second dose.

Also, about 16,593 senior citizens included in the A2 priority group have already been vaccinated with the first dose and 1,635 of them have completed the second.

On the A3 priority group that includes adults with comorbidities or those who have various illnesses, 11,267 individuals have been vaccinated with the first dose and 4,930 completed their second dose.

According to Alvaro, Bulacan also started vaccination of those who belong to the A4 priority sector with a target of 66,361 individuals. Within this number, 1,292 were vaccinated with the first dose while 828 of them were done with their second dose.

Those included in the A4 priority group are those in the commuter transport sector, market vendors in public and private markets, those in the manufacturing of food, beverages and pharmaceutical products, those in the service deliveries, hotel workers, leaders of various religions, security guards and those in the private and government media.

The provincial government also purchased a new Haier Biomedical Ultra Low Temperature Freezer in preparation for the arrival of Pfizer vaccines in the province that require storage with low temperatures.

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