Who can relate? There are things you don’t buy but really want to 

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Agree or disagree? The mindset “buying what you actually need and not just want” was the common practice before, where buying should have purpose (need) rather than being a useless whim (wanted).  

he arrival of a debilitating virus, however, changed all that. What used to be just a desire like internet connection or streaming subscription, a laptop or a tablet, became household must-haves as many have been either working or learning from home.  

However, after more than one year and eight months of dealing with the pandemic, things are seen to be getting better. As restrictions are slowly easing up and the economy begins its journey to recovery, perhaps now is also a good time to seriously think of buying a car for mobility issues. Public transportation has started ferrying more people again, and buying a car may be the way to go as a necessary precaution—and mode of protection—against a deadly virus that still lurks.  

To some, buying a car may still be stressful and a big-ticket item in terms of accountability, but not when done with KINTO One’s car leasing services. With its full range of leasing service inclusions, one just needs to sit back and enjoy the drive.  

Filipinos generally look at the honesty, integrity, and credibility of products and service suppliers. Well that one’s pretty much covered since KINTO One is a product of Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation, a trusted financing and leasing services partner that’s under the direct supervision of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (consumersaffairs@bsp.gov.ph). If you’d like to drive any of Toyota’s crowd-favorite units that KINTO One initially offers like the Vios 1.5 G CVT, the Rush 1.5 G A/T, the Corolla Altis 1.8 HV and Fortuner 2.4 G A/T (Diesel), you’re in the right place.  

One of the many concerns a typical car buyer has is the payout. With KINTO One, there’s no need to worry about shelling out additional money. To get started, visit https://www.kintoph.com so potential customers can choose the car they want, even the lease term and mileage. The initial cash-out is just a security deposit equivalent to the two months’ lease. And it’s completely cashless since it can be paid online so another less worry, and being a security deposit, it will be returned at the end of the plan if mileage and vehicle condition requirements under the lease terms are met, minus deductions, of course, in case of certain infractions. By going to the website also allows clients to check the status of their application and at the same time keep track of the vehicle’s release. 

Never leased and are worried about getting approved? Submitting your application is also made hassle-free since KINTO One has dispensed of the usual guarantor or co-maker requirement by regular financing plans. With KINTO One, all that’s needed are a valid driver’s license, a major credit card like Visa or Mastercard, deposit account (Savings or Current), proof of income like Certificate of Employment, pay slips, bank statements, etc., plus proof of billing such as utility bills. Foreigners can also avail of the plan as long as they have a valid international or Philippine driver’s license, passport with latest arrival stamp, Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or work permit, work certification from company indicating contract or assignment period, plus proof of income, major credit cards, proof of billing and deposit account in a major local bank. 

No trusted mechanic for periodic maintenance service? Scared of skyrocketing expenses for parts? Annual registration worries? No problem since KINTO One made sure these regular expenses are part of regular monthly lease payments. Just bring the vehicle to authorized Toyota dealers for maintenance. KINTO One even ups the ante by making it even more convenient and hassle-free by handling the scheduling for both service appointment and registration renewal.

These are done through the KINTO Concierge Service. This also applies during regular maintenance/servicing, where the client is informed when the vehicle is due for servicing and maintenance, and even for insurance claims. All the client has to do is bring the vehicle to the dealer. 

Another less worry is annual comprehensive insurance, which is roughly P30,800 a year for a vehicle like a Fortuner, because this is already tucked in under the lease package of KINTO One. 

Moreover, as a welcome gift, every successful KINTO One subscription will get a FREE P5,000 Gas Card. Promo runs until December 31, 2022. 

But the best part of KINTO One is when the lease term ends, just bring the old vehicle back to the releasing dealer, apply for a new lease and be on the road again and drive a brandnew Toyota vehicle once all papers are processed and the security deposit is settled. It’s that simple! 

Now, whether Filipinos or even expats, can have the luxury of driving around the metropolis on a leased vehicle for their mobility needs, even if they don’t have a fixed length of stay in the country. They won’t have to think about the usual hassles of insurance, service maintenance, etc. because KINTO will take care of it for them. They can simply relax and go about their business for that hassle-and worry-free user experience. 

“Owning a vehicle can be such a joy and delightful experience for anyone and what’s noteworthy is that KINTO One made it easier, simpler, more convenient and ultimately, less of a headache. With the level of stress people are undergoing these days, taking one stress factor out will be very much appreciated. We hope that with our service inclusions, more Filipinos will realize that driving a car can be done with ease through KINTO One,” explains Kaye Amores, First Vice President for Marketing Operations at Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation. 

For more about KINTO One and promo details, visit their Facebook page, KINTO Philippines, the KINTO Philippines website at www.kinto-ph.com

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