Where Beverly Arcangel puts logic in logistics

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FOR the Managing Director of Prozone Xpress Logistics Inc. (PXL), waking up early in the morning, say, around 4 a.m., is precious.

Because for PXL boss Beverly Anne Arcangel, getting out of bed at this time means it won’t be long before her phone starts ringing off the hook. Though the majority of PXL’s clients are from China and intra-Asia, Europe and the United States are also at par so it is important for her to be awake when they are.

The 43-year-old lady boss begins her routine with a session/flow of Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ), a traditional Japanese practice that helps harmonize one’s energy by holding different parts of the body, which helps Beverly put herself in a state of peace and relaxation.

After that, she makes her way towards the fairway, yoga or Pilates studio, but still manages to reply to every e-mail in her inbox.  By the time the sun is shining bright, she already managed to put on her #GirlBoss hat on even before she arrives at the office. 

I wear different hats in the office, “ she says in a tête-à-tête with FrontpagePH.com, while explaining her daily routine. She said that being in the logistics industry means new and unexpected situations happen on a daily basis, and as Managing Director (without a General Manager), it is up to her to be on top of everything in order to make sure her team is running like a well-oiled machine.

While PXL is a relatively new company, Beverly and her team have quickly elevated it to becoming one of the country’s top logistics superstars. They handle diverse industries from the shipment of luxury furniture and lifestyle items to medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, appliances, construction materials, retail, trading and essentials (IT, telecommunication, water, agriculture, among others). Despite being a young company, this early, PXL has already established a network coverage of 150 cities in 75 countries across six continents. 

But unlike any company that operated during the pandemic, PXL managed to maneuver its way around this global health emergency by being quick and agile. She also credits her partner, her co-Managing Director at PXL, along with her colleagues whose hard work, commitment and passion in logistics made them the ideal power team. She also takes pride in their unique customer service approach which makes them different from their competitors, “I always say, I don’t just give a quotation to the customer, I ensure to give them a solutions-focused and client-first approach that require precision, timing, foresight and flexibility. I listen to their requirements then I customize our services depending on their needs,“ she explains. “I always tell my team, that it is all about personalized service.”

While many companies were minimizing manpower during the pandemic, Beverly did the exact opposite. She made sure that PXL’s clients always had somebody to talk to directly about their concerns. Her way of doing business helped foster strong relationships with her clients, who ultimately trusted the company with all their logistical needs.

The business of logistics is high stakes and nerve-wracking because one small mistake could cost millions. “If you miss information like the correct chargeable weight or correct volume in cubic meter of a shipment, then everything changes. And a mistake translates to monetary loss in dollars, not in peso. This is the reason why it is called LOGISTICS – because this work requires LOGIC.”

Remembering her journey was an emotional process for the successful business woman, and at times, she tried to hold back tears from flowing down her face. Before, Beverly was somebody else’s employee for a good 19 years, but it’s different now since she is the one calling the shots. Yet, her success has not gone to her head. She remains humble, knowing that her quiet strength can be harnessed into gold.

Last June 2022, one of the Philippines leading shipping lines called a meeting with me. Announcing that Prozone Xpress Logistics Inc. was noticed as one of the top 10 importers/producers for their line. I was so proud to be in a roster of the big logistics players in the country.”

For businesswoman Beverly, life can indeed begin at 40. “All you need is a little strength, a lot of prayers, and a lot of logic.”

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