What makes a happy customer?

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What makes a happy customer?

I know I was a happy customer recently when I went to the Kamuning Business Center of Meralco to pay arrears on my electricity bill. I was at a big default in my bills, admittedly, but contrary to what other people experienced and stories I read and the harsh words thrown against the utility firm about dealing with people with the same situation as mine, there were none of it when I came over.

Everything was, in my most sincere and genuine appreciation of the situation, pleasant, at least in my experience.

I did not expect any of it. I knew I was at fault so I expected to be at the receiving end of the blame why I went behind in payments. But there was no finger-pointing. The staff, particularly Ms. Agnes Macob, who turned out to be the center’s boss, was unexpectedly friendly and accommodating. She even went out of her way to explain everything, to the point of even paying whatever amount I had to offer, which was not even half of my total arrears.

If that’s not good customer service, I don’t know what is. Aside from Ms. Macob going the extra mile in providing her brand of service, she even gave an extra half mile.

The overall result? I left the facility with a big smile on my face, knowing that despite my shortcomings in paying my financial obligations, I was dealt with in the most respectable manner, as a human being who also struggled during these hard times.

I just wish others will experience the same thing and be a happy customer like me.

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