The sweltering heat don’t stand a chance with the Midea 3-in-1 Stand Fan

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While there are areas in the country that has cold weather these days, there are some places where the summer heat is already felt. Although it has been raining in the “ber” months, the atmosphere is seemingly as hot as the summer months of March to May. 

This is why it is wise to invest in cooling appliances—the king of all being the air-conditioner.  Unfortunately, air-conditioning units are quite pricey, and having one at home generally means getting a costly electricity bill month after month after month. 

Fortunately, there is an alternative to air-con: the inverter fan by Midea.

Midea, pronounced as “Mai – dia,” is among the world’s most renowned makers of electrical appliances—with presence in over 60 countries worldwide, including here in the Philippines. And the inverter fan is one of several easy-to-use home solutions it offers. 

Yes, inverter technology isn’t just for air-conditioners, refrigerators, and freezers anymore. It is now being used even in electric fans as well. In other words, there really is an inverter fan.

Like all other appliances that use inverter technology, the inverter fan also uses an inverter. The inverter is an innovative device that automatically controls the incoming electric current that powers the appliance, in turn reducing the appliance’s need to use its motor or compressor. As a result, the inverter effectively reduces the electricity consumption of the appliance—and makes it more durable at the same time as the motor or compressor isn’t worn out that easily.  

Those are the exact same benefits you stand to get with the Midea 3-in-1 Convertible Electric Fan. It is a desk fan, floor fan, and stand fan all in one, with five 16-inch blades for maximum cooling, a timer for greater use control, and 12-speed levels for a range of situations. 

The Midea 3-in-1 Convertible is packed with a variety of other features, including power-off memory, an oscillation function, built-in motor heat protection, and silent operation. This feature-rich electric fan also comes with a multifunction remote control, which means less standing and walking just to change speed levels. It even has a digital LED display so you can see exactly what settings the fan is at any time. 

The best part is that the Midea 3-in-1 Convertible Electric Fan uses the aforementioned inverter technology. And that elevates this Midea offering from standard to special—the kind that is perfect for the country’s hot, humid weather.

This unrelenting heat, incidentally, figures to persist in the years to come, partly due to global warming and partly because the Philippines is a tropical country. This simply means you need to prepare for hotter, more sweltering days ahead because they are coming.

The good news is you can beat the heat with the Midea 3-in-1 Convertible Electric Fan with inverter technology. It is the fan of the future—cool but quiet, sleek and stylish, and an energy and money saver.

Get yours now only at the official Midea website,   

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