Private sector heeds experts’ advice to continue wearing face masks when outdoors

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THE private sector have decided to heed the advice of experts they consulted to continue wearing face masks when going out of their houses.

During the Laging Handa public briefing, Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion said they formed an advisory group where they consulted experts on what best to do.

This is why Concepcion said they will continue to encourage their employees to wear face masks while COVID-19 is still hear and cases continue to rise.

Concepcion also emphasized that the economy cannot take it anymore if the alert level will again be raised.

He said that based on their discussions with experts, they agree 100 percent that the alert level will only be raised if hospitals will be overwhelmed with patients.

Concepcion explained that even if COVID-19 cases continue to rise, cases are not severe and most cases only experience mild symptoms and will recover after five days so there’s no more need for them to be hospitalized.

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