Pacman gets a push from Vis-Min

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PRESIDENTIAL wannabe Senator Manny Pacquiao doesn’t mind being bashed on social media. In fact, he seemed appreciative of the nasty remarks, which he claimed made him a better man.

Citing comments made on Facebook, Pacquiao looked at the nasty remarks on the positive side.

In photos detailing his journey from rags to riches, Pacquiao gained over 250,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and 8,700 comments, which to him is an indication that Filipinos are interested in him. The post appeared on a 190,000-member strong “Manny Pacquiao for President Movement” FB page.

It looks like Pacman knows only too well where the next match would take place – it won’t be in Las Vegas or any other place where he danced his way to knock out opponents as a professional boxer.

From all indications, his next match would be on the digital platform and most probably on Facebook, which is considered the most used social media platform in the Philippines.

As such, Pacman, who now leads the PDP-Laban [the political party that took President Rodrigo Duterte where he is today], seemed “training hard” as manifested in the manner he treats nasty remarks he’s been getting over his supposed presidential bid.

If I surmise correctly, Pacman must have tapped a formidable PR team predominantly composed of millennial turks whose penchant for social media seemed to be doing the tricks for him.

Reacting to the negative comments he received from netizens, Pacquiao replied: “TO ALL THOSE WHO DOUBTED ME, THANK YOU! YOU WERE THE FUEL THAT DROVE ME TO BE BETTER.”

Interestingly, his dominance on social media appears very timely – especially after the Commission on Elections hinted on limiting political campaigns on cyberspace. To be perfectly honest, the launch of his “Manny Pacquiao for President Movement” (MMPM) was even way ahead of the Comelec, which issued their position  shunning the traditional campaign, just last week.

A check on his FB page MPPM also showed netizens mostly coming from the nine regions of the Visayas and Mindanao behind his Palace bid.

The movement pushing Pacquiao’s presidency claims that the support they’ve been getting is phenomenal considering that their group was organized only last year. — “For now, we are still in the planning stage. We are still tapping people, building our network. A lot of people are showing interest. They want to be a part of the movement because they believe in Senator Pacquiao. He might be the President that we need,” MPPM National President Noreem Tormis said in a news report published in another media outfit.

Pacquiao placed fifth in the last Pulse Asia survey that was led by the President’s daughter and political heir, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

There are two questions standing on the road leading to his presidency though – Sara Duterte and Metro Manila votes. 

Even with an enormous fund required for candidates vying for elective national posts backing his bid, will Visayas and Mindanao be able to provide enough numbers that would take him to Malacañang?

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