P-Pop idol makes history in South Korea with first billboard

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It seems billboards in South Korea are no longer just for K-Pop idols only.

Because a member of the Philippine-pop (P-pop) group SB19, Ken Suson or simply “Ken,” made history by being the first Pinoy idol to have a billboard in South Korea.

Ken is SB19’s main dancer with matching superb vocals. SB19 is a purely Pinoy pop group but with a distinct K-Pop but still Pinoy sound.

SB19 is the first boy band to be under the careful guidance and watchful eyes of ShowBT Philippines, the Philippine counterpart of ShowBT Group, an entertainment outfit based in South Korea.

Responsible for putting up the digital LED billboard for Ken are the group’s fans called “A’TIN.” The digital video ad is located at Exit 1 in Seodaemun Station, Seoul, South Korea, and is meant as a gift by Ken’s fans in celebration of his 24th birthday.

The video shows Ken doing his signature backflips and other mesmerizing dance moves.

The ad, which started to be shown last January 7, will be shown until today, January 13.

SB19 made history in 2019 when it moved to the Top 10 of Billboard’s Social 50 chart, the first Filipino and Southeast Asian group to achieve the feat. Their heart-tugging ballad, “Hanggang sa Huli” zoomed to No. 1 in Billboard’s LyricFind Global Chart. It marked the fifth time that an SB19 song made it to the top of the prestigious list.

Aside from Ken, other members of SB19 are Justin, Stell, Sejun, and Josh.

(Photo credit: Facebook.com/SBKenUpdates)

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