Meet Ms. Dipolog: KC Falcasantos

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For all these statuesque queens with crowns on their heads, a beautiful and intelligent lady from Mindanao stands a big chance in this dog-eat-dog universe of pageantry.

Her elite Filipina look separates her from the bunch, and will surely make a difference on stating her advocacy to inspire young women to live “less” and do more. There is a great gap for new breeds of young women who may have missed the mark on the wisdom she is trying to fight for.

There will be an awesome awakening of living with a purpose such as what drives her to live her life to the fullest, leaving a legacy amongst her peers and making a mark on an industry that is cruel and brilliant at the same time.

She has a young and vibrant charm that hits differently when faced with the truth she carries and this will be her crowning glory in the end, whether she wins the crown or wins the heart of a people that will surely be blown away and be disarmed with the beauty and soul of our lovely candidate from Dipolog, Ms. KC Falcasantos.

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