House stops hike in PhilHealth premiums

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SEVERAL militant congressmen have asked the government to stop the impending increase in premiums by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) next month.

In House Joint Resolution No. 41, the Makabayan bloc called for the suspension of the implementation of the four-percent increase in Philhealth premium because if not, it will be an additional burden on workers who are already complaining of unabated increases in the prices of products and services.

Makabayan also pointed out that it is also inappropriate to implement an increase in PhilHealth premium at this time because the issues that surround the state health insurer remain unresolved.

Among the issues are the supposed unpaid claims by different hospitals, especially during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and allegations of corruption-related activities against PhilHealth.

According to an announcement by PhilHealth, the four-percent increase in premium starting June is covered by PhilHealth Advisory No. 2022-0010 and according to the tenets of the Universal Healthcare Law.

The increase is equivalent to a P400 up to P3,200 for all direct contributors earning P10,000 up to P80,000.

The Makabayan legislators appealed to the House leadership to immediately take action on the joint resolution before June or before the end of the 18th Congress.

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