First metaverse-based Tech Career Hub in the Philippines to be opened

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Recruitday will be launching the Philippines’ first-ever career hub set on the metaverse dubbed The Future of Career Building this coming Friday, 10 June 2022 at 6:00 PM. The platform will give attendees access to tech communities, career advice, discounted courses, and a chance to win an Oculus Quest.

The space that Recruitday will introduce will focus on six of the most in-demand tech tracks in terms of local employment, namely: Data & AI, IT Infrastructure, Software & Applications, IT Security, Tech Project Management, and CRM. The career hub will also introduce a different approach compared to virtual job fairs that have emerged since the pandemic hit: instead of a one-time event, the space will remain open for those who are interested in visiting.

“Our goal is to help Filipino tech talents in their career journey. We have a web platform with events, courses, job openings, and free resources — all of which would help talents in their career — but a huge part of advancing in any field is interacting with and building your personal network in the community. Through the metaverse, we’re putting all of these elements together in a more interactive space to introduce new ways for people to interact, engage, and connect with mentors, peers, friends, and more,” according to Joel Garcia, Founder and CEO of Recruitday.

Recruitday has been hosting events since its founding in 2017 as part of its advocacy involving community building. Transitioning into the remote work arrangement, their free Community Socials series has had a consistent stream of attendees since its conception early this year, many of which are looking to upskill and find a network in the local tech scene. Now, the Filipino startup wants to elevate people’s experience with the metaverse.

“As we embrace the next version of the web, it opens us up to new and more exciting ways to connect Filipino tech talents with competitive businesses. We’ve never imagined this would be possible before,” added Garcia.

The online event this Friday is open to all professionals in the tech industry, as well as to fresh graduates and career shifters looking to start a career in Information Technology (IT). Attendees will get a chance to win an Oculus Quest, and get a discount on tech courses, among other raffle prizes. Reserving a slot is free and entering the virtual space does not require a VR headset.

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