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ALREADY dubbed as the ‘People’s General,’ vows to lead by example.

Described by many as a noble professional and a very humble man, PGen Guillermo T. Eleazar, newly installed Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, is expected to lead the country’s police force “to greater heights in this challenging pandemic times.”  

Eleazar said he accepts the challenges of the position, and promised to lead by example. Already he is being affectionately dubbed, “the people’s general.”

The charismatic police officer, who will head the 228,000-strong PNP force for only six months, is hailed by many as the right choice for the post. It is easy to see why.

If his sterling record since 1987 is any indication, PGen Eleazar is truly an officers’ officer, a man of action and integrity, a police officer that the public can trust and depend on. 

His decades-long, multi-awarded career had taken him to many important positions in the police force: from seeing actual field actions  against insurgents to international missions and intelligence and administrative postings.

As former chief of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) he led the QCPD in garnering high trust ratings in surveys that assess performance of police units.

As National Capital Region (NCR) police office director — a post he assumed after becoming regional director of Calabarzon — displayed unusual acts and charm, as Rappler puts it, that made him even more popular and respected.

Still fresh in the people’s mind was an incident in March 2019, when Eleazar confronted a cop who allegedly extorted money from the family of a drug suspect.

Eleazar wasn’t able to control his outburst against the cop, although he apologized later.

His anger was seen by many as justified, because they know how he has repeatedly warned the police to stop engaging in illegal activities.

Eleazar became even more popular after his promotion as PNP deputy police chief for operations on January 2020.

As deputy chief for operations, he commanded the Joint Task Force COVID-19 Shield, which oversaw nationwide law enforcement during the pandemic. 

With growing complaints against some police officers overstepping their bounds in implementing Covid-19 health and safety protocols, his order for police not to hurt or punish arrested violators earned him respect as a compassionate law enforcement leader.

In September 2020, he was made PNP deputy chief for administration, becoming the second highest-ranking police officer in the country, and heir-apparent to the top PNP post, then held by PGen Debold Sinas.

When Sinas retired on May 8, he became the 26th PNP chief,

DILG secretary Eduardo Año said Eleazar was chosen based on seniority, merit, service reputation and competence.

In his acceptance speech, Eleazar announced his 3-pronged Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP), which is expected not only to revitalize the national police force but also to bring them closer to the people’s hearts.

He explained that ICP is based on the “broken window theory,” which basically states that small problems should be fixed immediately before they get worse.

Eleazar scored further points with the public with his recent warning on rogue cops. “Kayong mga tiwaling pulis, you will hate me,” said Eleazar, echoing his calls for strict discipline among members of the police force since his Metro Manila days.

Eleazar is a native of Quezon province. He was born on November 13, 1965, a son of a World War II veteran.

A product of the public school system, he graduated cum laude and Top 4 of the 1987 Philippine Military Academy (PMA) graduating class. Eleazar belongs to the PMA’s Hinirang Class, along with former PNP chief Sinas. 

“As I signed my assumption in office,” said Eleazar, “I also signed a contract with the Filipino people that I will lead by example.” 

The Filipino people holds him to that promise; a promise that should take the PNP to greater heights indeed, after the slew of rogue cops hogged the limelight for breaking the public’s trust with their various infractions in the last few months.

Hail to the Chief!!!

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