DOH thanks Marcos for appointing Vergeire as DOH OIC

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THE Department of Health (DOH) expressed its thanks to President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. for appointing DOH Undersecretary Maria Rosario Singh-Vergeire as the DOH’s Officer-in-Charge. 

Vergeire is currently Undersecretary of the DOH Public Health Services Team and Office of the Chief of Staff.

In a statement, the DOH said it values the trust of the President in one of the agency’s career executives, including the huge responsibility that trust brings.

“DOH appreciates the President’s confidence in one of its career executives, including the immense responsibility such trust brings,” according to the agency.

Each member of the DOH family, the agency said, should help each other in continuing the achievements of the past administration. 

The DOH expects continued recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and work towards overall health care for all Filipinos.

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